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Touch keyboard
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The demand for a high-tech design and a more intuitive man-machine interface are pushing the market towards  demanding more elegant and user-friendly control panels. 

Thanks to CTK (capacitive transparent keyboard) technology, we can develop complete keyboards with all their parts: panel, capacitive sensor, plastic electronic control cover.

Usually this type of keyboard is ready to be installed directly by the user and can communicate with your machine through various means, e.g. RS-485, RS-232, CAN-bus, open collector output, dry contact, etc.

Given our extensive experience in the graphics and electronics sector we can obtain amazing aesthetic effects, integrating the latest LED technology for backlighting, or state-of-the-art multi-touch

This type of keyboard also lends itself well to vandal-proof applications, for example through the use of shatterproof glass.

The capacitive touch keyboard essentially offers the user many customisable options, even more than the membrane keyboard, although in general it requires a longer development and implementation timescale.

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